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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

February 13, 2019
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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

It occurs to me that if I am going to blog something, I might as well address something that affects everybody, along with something that might affect you.  The thing that affects everyone and the environment, at least everyone who drinks bottled water or beer or soft drinks, and then there is the rest of the world, who is affected by all the rest of the plastic and other materials that are apparently not recyclable, like plastic milk containers, and wine bottles, and so on.

Why is not all plastic and glass and tin cans etc., charged with a CRV? CRV is that annoying nickel that is charged on the soda bottles and cans.

It only seems that since some plastic and metal containers are a major concern, why aren’t all plastic and metal containers a major concern?

There is another question that goes along with this, do we actually get back the full nickel that we contributed to the local Safeway or Piggy Back, depending on where you might reside? 

That takes care of my major concern of the day, now let’s get down to having some fun.  You most likely have a cell phone, doesn’t everyone?  And you probably have a computer.  I have slowly discovered that computer and cell phone users seemed to depend on and utilize some little things called APPS.  Interestingly enough I specialize in Apps and would love to have you check out my Limitless Apps, all the Apps you could ever want. All you need do is look me up at Additionally, There is a brand new game (FREE) on both the Google platform (Android) and the Apple platform (I Phone). It is both Educational and Fun. (Hint: Do not tell your kids that is Educational – Just tell them about the Fun!) The name of the game a is “It’s a Word”.

Please take into consideration that a portion of all proceeds received by is dedicated to the Path of Honor Scholarship Trust in Temecula, California which is used to  provide scholarships to JROTC Seniors at the six local JROTC High Schools in the area, 3 in Temecula and 3 in Murrieta.  Thank you. 

The Path of Honor Scholarship Trust is a registered 501 C3 non-profit organization.  The Trust has given out 23  scholarships since 2007.

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